Why amalgam fillings are dangerous for our health and what is the SMART protocol?

Biological dentistry looks at the body as a whole. Bio compatible dentists chooses their materials wisely, what goes into out moths, goes into our whole body.

Silver fillings, metal fillings, amalgam fillings are generally the same thing. They are an allow of mercury, silver, copper, tin and zinc – main component, however, is mercury with a 45-55% component.

Do you remember the thermometers that were used 20 years ago or more, that had liquid mercury in it? They are now banned from being sold because people were afraid to have mercury contamination in case if they broke.

Why the thermometer had mercury in the first place? Because it is the only metal that is in its liquid form at the room temperature. It transfers temperature very rapidly, therefore in less than 1 minutes you knew your body temperature.

What happens with the mercury in your mouth? Every time you have a hot coffee or hot soup, the mercury in your filling will get warm and you will have a tiny amount of mercury vapor released in your mouth. It is a very small amount, indeed, but as long as you have those fillings, the amalgam exposure will never wear off.

The more fillings you have, the more exposure you get.

Moreover, every time you clench your teeth grind your teeth, due to friction, temperature rises and mercury gets released. When you have your teeth cleaned and polished professionally at the doctor’s office, the mercury is released again.

What happens to the mercury vapor that is released in your mouth?

You either ingest it or inhale it.

What happens once mercury is in the body?

It doesn’t get excreted but instead, gets stored in the main organs of our body: brain, kidneys, liver.

Once is there, mercury attaches to fat cells.

What does this all mean to our body?

Our bodies are very good at policing the cells and recognizing it’s own cells from foreign cells. Once mercury attaches to a cell, the body recognize it as a foreign cell and starts inflammation with the desire to invade and kill the foreign cell. This is how most of auto-immune diseases begin.

So if that mercury attached itself to neurons or brain cells, over time these people will have neurological issues, same goes for mercury landing in body parts that produce hormone – hormonal issues and so on. There are over 230 auto-immune diseases that are linked to mercury exposure.

Mercury is also named the great disguiser because art mimics so many other diseases and often it gets misdiagnosed. This is why in medicine mercury is not seen for what it actually is: a great threat to our bodies.

Removing amalgam fillings safely is extremely important. If you don’t have a biological dentist available, who uses a safe amalgam removal protocol, it is almost better to keep them.

At Dr. Roze and Associates we use the SMART protocol, during the removal of the amalgam, we use a controlled process and the main goal is to remove the fillings safely without exposing the guest to dangerous levels of mercury.

The SMART protocol includes the use of a rubber dam in guest’s mouth, to avoid accidental ingestion, surgical succion, oxygen mask for the guests to avoid accidental inhalation , surgical gown, double mask and many others.

SMART protocol Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Techniquel in combination with the pre-procedure detoxification, will ensure that the removal of amalgam fillings had been done safely without exposure to the body.