6 foods for mouthA healthy, balanced diet not only provides the energy and nutrients needed for our bodies to work efficiently, but will help our mouths stay healthy as well. We should avoid eating foods that are high in sugar as they can lead to tooth decay.  The following foods can help your teeth and gums stay healthy:

Cheese – raises the Ph levels in the mouth and lowers the risk of tooth decay

Cranberries – contain polyphenols which make it difficult for bacteria to cling to tooth surfaces

Green tea – contains catechins which fight inflammation

Nuts and seeds – contain calcium which is good for building tooth enamel

Crunchy vegetables – stimulate saliva production and wash away food particles and bacteria

Strawberries – contain vitamin C which slows down the breakdown of collagen

The best drink you can take in for your body and your teeth is water. Drinking water keeps you hydrated, distributes nutrients and helps eliminate waste. Water is calorie free, improves saliva production and rinses food particles from your teeth.