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  • Ebba Zickerman
    Ebba Zickerman
    13:25 29 Jun 17
    I can highly recommend this dental clinic in all aspects, for anyone looking for one. I've been several times, for my general yearly check ups-and service as a whole was great. The doctors we're all friendly, and i am happy with what they have to offer, I even had my braces put on here- and i am extremely pleased with the result.
    Yulia Baranovskaya
    Yulia Baranovskaya
    11:06 11 Jul 17
    Our family visits this clinic for about three years. We are happy with the treatment and fully trust the professionalism of the doctors of this clinic. In these three years we have received the best treatment! Thank you for our healthy teeth.
    Daliya Habib
    Daliya Habib
    08:24 05 Jul 17
    Highly recommend this clinic, the staff are very professional and friendly. My sisters and I have had our braces put on here and i have now had mine removed, and i am very happy with the results.
    Georgine A
    Georgine A
    12:37 04 Jul 17
    I have a big trust in Dr. David & Dr. Agnes; they are very both very caring, professional, honest and trustworthy in protecting our God given percious pearls, for both my son & me.
    Graham Horn
    Graham Horn
    08:19 05 Jul 17
    Highly recommend this clinic, the staff are very professional and friendly. Will explain the tratment options available and advise on the best one.
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  • Lovely staff

    “I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs Wala Shehada who was very accommodating and generous with her time – a fantastic representation of Dr Roze and associates. Unfortunately I did not meet Nathalie in person but her dealings with me was very professional and I am grateful for how pleasant, responsive and welcoming she was. Nathalie is the perfect introduction to anybody who first enquires about the Dental Clinic. Thank you very much Nathalie and Wala for reinforcing the professionalism and amazing reputation that Dr Roze and associates already has.”



    Treatment: Meeting

  • Visit to the paediatric dentist

    “Very good with children. Patient and at the same time letting me know everything that is going on with my daughter. Thank you and will be seeing you again!”

    Sherina Lootah


    Treatment: Cavity

  • Visit to hygienist

    “She is the best hygienist i have ever met!”


    Treatment: Hygiene

  • Great team

    “This is a great team. Thank you. Dr. Roze it was a pleasure!”

    Mr. Mahmud


    Treatment: Dental

  • Clean and professional

    “Quick and got results required. Will surely come back. Value for money. Clean and professional.”

    Thanushiya Subramaniam

    Treatment: Dental

  • Fantastic experience

    “Fantastic experience even though I was nervous and worried. Felt very at ease – staff friendly and
    welcoming. Highly recommend Dr Roze.”

    Mrs. Simington

    Treatment: Dental

  • Pure Professionalism

    “I would travel the world to come to Dr. Roze. I could not trust him more than I do! The service from the
    second you drive your car is impressive. For the first time in my life I enjoy my dentist trips. Pure
    professionalism. It is outstanding.”

    Daisy Mulligan


    Treatment: Dental

  • Excellent dentists

    “You have excellent dentists and specialists.  Your staff are very professional and welcoming.  Double thumbs up to Dr David, Dr Agnes, Jennifer, Dr Fabien and Victoria.”

    Jade Lin


    Treatment: General

  • Amazing staff

    ““Excellent customer service and help. Amazing staff and always a great level of professionalism.””



    Treatment: General Dentistry

  • Fantastic

    “My son felt so at ease. Fantastic!”

    Harry Levin


    Treatment: General

  • Excellent and friendly

    “It was my sons first trip to the dentist for over 2 years, and the dentist was excellent and friendly.”

    Parents of 7 year old patient


    Treatment: Check up

  • Un grand merci!

    “Un grand merci, tres hereux d’avoir decouvert cette Clinique.”

    A happy patient!


    Treatment: General Dentristry

  • Kind and patient

    “Dr Agnes Roze is the kindest and most patient dentist.  My kids got on very well with her.”

    Jo Billings


    Treatment: Check up

  • I was in good hands

    “Will definitely refer the clinic to my friends; I felt very confident that I was in good hands. Thank you”

    Therese Cordero


    Treatment: Dental

  • The best service ever

    “The best service ever, I am so afraid but Doctor David made me so comfortable and the crew too. Thanks everybody.”

    Gordon Fernandes


    Treatment: Dental

  • Just brilliant

    “I have visited several times over the last 2 years, every visit without doubt I leave thinking this team deserves a small business award! From reception to décor to dental services, every element is ultimately professional, and the valet! Just brilliant. Well done, you achieved what many dentists or businesses fail in.”

    Mrs John


    Treatment: Dental

  • One of a kind

    “The treatment and service are one of a kind. Doctors are empathetic, caring and one of the best professionals I met in the field of dentistry. Nurses were helping hand in hand with their doctors and the great camaraderie were deserved among them.”

    “Dental implant done is like a lifeline tooth and I’m happy with the works done. Thank you Dr. Rita and Dr. Roze, Rona and Joanna”

    Josephine Del Carmen


    Treatment: Dental

  • I will recommend

    “Both David and Wala have been INCREDIBLE from the start to finish.  I will recommend you to everyone.”

    Daisy Mulligan


    Treatment: General

  • Thorough treatment

    “Really great and thorough treatment.  Thank you!”

    Petra Nakad


    Treatment: General

  • Very professional

    “Friendly staff.  Very professional dentist.  Good value for money.  Clean and nice smelling clinic.”

    Princess Catalan


    Treatment: General