Paediatric Dentistry

Many adults find biological dentistry through looking for answers to long-term health problems – problems that were “unsolvable” because no physician ever thought to look at or ask about potential oral obstacles to healing. And often, their discovery of biological dentistry sets them on a journey of embracing a holistic, natural approach to health for their whole family, as well.

It is especially important for children as a child’s development may be hindered by everything from chemicals in our foods to unnecessary medications. That is why holistic medicine and dentistry has become such an important aspect of pediatric care today. After all, their bodies and minds are still developing.

At Dr Roze biohealth, we take a whole-body approach to dental wellness and development. We believe in “do no harm” as a philosophy, which means we will avoid introducing toxic substance to your child’s body. Once we’ve identified a problem, it is then our goal to find the least traumatic and invasive approach to healing while utilizing the latest technology.

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