Teeth Whitening

The Zoom! Whitening System

Zoom! whitening is ideal for patients whose time is limited, or who have an important event coming up for which they want to look their best.

Zoom! Consistently delivers fantastic results, which is why is one of the most popular in-practice whitening procedures on the market and has been for many years.

Benefits of Zoom! Whitening

  • Instant results – we can whiten your teeth up to 12 shades lighter in as little as 1 hour!
  • Tried and trusted brand with consistently great results.
  • Perfect for busy people who want instant results at short notice.
  • Our Dental Hygienist’s can carry out this procedure at the same time as your professional clean.

Whitening procedure:

At Dr. Roze & Associates we start every whitening treatment with a consultation. Our experienced teeth whitening specialist will discuss any queries you might have about the whitening process before your treatment. During this consultation we assess your initial shade and note your lifestyle habits so your treatment can be tailored to your needs and desired results.

Then you sit back and get comfortable while we brighten your smile.

We use a protective sheet to cover lips and gums for maximum protection. We then apply the whitening gel to the teeth ensuring all bottom and top teeth are evenly covered.  The LED light is used to activate the gel and break down stain particles to whiten the enamel. Light time depends on your desired whitening shade.

The procedure is easy! And we know you will be delighted with your new white smile.

Following the procedure we recommend you do not consume any staining drinks or staining food for at least 24 hours and refrain from smoking as it only has negative effects on your results. We will provide you with after-care instructions when your procedure is completed.

Home Whitening Kits

We will first conduct a thorough examination to decide which whitening treatment is best for you. We then make custom whitening trays of your teeth using a mold.  You will receive these trays, bleaching gel and instructions to ensure you are safely whitening at home.  We will also discuss treatment time and after-care in order to get the best results.

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