Computer Guided Surgery

What is computer-guided implant surgery?

At Dr. Roze & Associates we use computer-guided surgery to ensure maximum effectiveness of the dental implant placement.  Guided surgery is a process of planning the implant surgery using a computer, a CT image and surgical guide technology.

Surgical guides are the latest advancement in dental implant technology.  The use of surgical guides allows us to place the dental implant accurately, precisely and in the ideal position in the bone to increase aesthetics and functionality of your new implants.

What are the benefits of using computer-guided surgery?

Precise and accurate dental implant placement.  CT scans are taken of the jaw and used to create 3D images.  A specialised computer programme uses these images to create a perfect surgical template that we can use to determine the optimal locations for dental implant placement.

Reducing the risks. Because we can see the entire structure of the jaw, teeth and bone computer-guided implant surgery allows us to assess exactly where the dental implant should be placed.

Eliminating the need for sutures.  With computer-guided surgery, we can do implants without surgical flaps which are small incisions in the gum tissue.  With this new technology, we do not need to see the bone specifically to give us the correct placement for the dental implant.

Reducing actual surgical time. The procedure can be completed faster than traditional dental implant surgery because we create a surgical template on the computer and we can have all the information we need right in front of us.

Better patient understanding. The images that we create with the computer-guided technology allow us to easily explain the process to you and allow you to follow the procedure from start to finish.

Restoring dental function sooner.  With computer-guided implant surgery, we place the implant right away and many patients are able to receive permanent restorations during this same appointment.

Please note: as individual patients are unique, the overall results of an implant procedure will vary case by case.

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