orthodonticsYou are never too old to have a perfect smile. Tooth position can be modified at any age as long as the gums and supporting bone are healthy. In fact, one in 4 of our orthodontic patients is above 30 years old. Some of them have had braces before as kids and for others it is the first time.

Adults seek orthodontic treatment for 2 main reasons: dental health and aesthetics. A proper occlusion with well-aligned teeth can facilitate oral hygiene, biting and speech, eliminating tooth wear and periodontal problems. At the same time, it enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Psychosocial studies have demonstrated that orthodontic treatment can improve an adult’s social life and career opportunities.

With the latest technological advances, orthodontic treatment is more comfortable, faster and the appliances used to align the teeth are less noticeable than in the past. Depending on the case, small discrete metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces (attached to inner surfaces of the teeth) or removable transparent aligners can be used to treat orthodontic problems in adult patients. These appliance options have contributed to the increase in adults seeking orthodontic treatment and being highly satisfied with the whole process and the final results. When it comes to improving your smile with orthodontics you should keep in mind that there is no age limit.