Lingual Braces In Dubai

Lingual braces in Dubai: Have you been considering different orthodontic treatment options to help get the smile of your dreams? You may have heard about lingual braces and how they could be the perfect solution for you.

Orthodontics with lingual braces, along with removable aligners Invisalign, the most advanced treatment of all currently exist to correct the malposition of the teeth.

Since there are different types of brackets that are placed on the inside of the tooth -instead of external-then, we will see which ones offer a higher quality.

Lingual braces in Dubai
Lingual braces in Dubai

What are invisible braces?

The braces that are placed inside also called invisible are a fixed technique of orthodontics that is characterized as the only one that does not see anything at all.

This is achieved because the brackets are placed on the lingual side, that is, on the inside of the tooth.

Leaving aside this characteristic, this type of dental appliance is just as effective as other less aesthetic orthodontic systems, such as transparent or white brackets, sapphire brackets or conventional metal brackets.

That is to say, the lingual technique allows to solve any defect related to the alignment and bite of our teeth ( crowding or crowding, open bite, overbite, diastemas or separations between teeth, crossbite).

How many types of lingual brackets are there?

If we have already advanced that the quality of the bracket that is placed on the patient is extremely important, then we will specify more about the types of internal devices that exist.

And, as patients, we must make sure that the invisible braces that our orthodontist is going to place on us are specifically designed for it.

We say this because many of the brackets that are offered as lingual braces in Dubai are metallic devices that are simply placed on the back of the teeth, that is, inside.

In our dental clinic in Dubai, we work with the Incognito brand of 3M, which is the market leader and the first in the world to launch a fully customized lingual bracket system in 2004.

For this reason, in this article, we are going to focus on the invisible brackets that we consider to be of better quality: the Incognito.

They are undoubtedly the most technologically advanced and the first choice of adult patients who are very demanding with their physical appearance.

We recommend lingual orthodontics to people who care about aesthetics and prioritize this aspect on the price of treatment

And is that, as we will see in this article, only the bracket that has been specifically designed to be placed inside can be considered lingual.

The effects of lingual braces in Dubai can be amazing if they are the right solution for you and you take care of your teeth well during the treatment process. Here are some before and after lingual braces examples that show remarkable results:

How do Incognito braces work?

In order to correct the aforementioned dental problems, Incognito lingual brackets have a slightly different operation than other systems (transparent or white, sapphire or metallic brackets).

In the first place, their manufacturing process varies, they are manufactured with a gold alloy and are technologically very advanced.

The design of the bracket is done by computer and, subsequently, the manufacturing is carried out in a personalized way.

This is because the brackets are created one by one with said gold alloy tailored to the patient’s teeth.

On the other hand, the rest of brackets mentioned do not have this strong technological component, they are not made to measure and they are made with a much cheaper material (metal, porcelain or even plastic).

Instead of making each bracket in a personalized way, many of them are made at the same time and they are placed on all patients.

In addition to braces, Incognito also manufactures custom-made dental appliance arches and adhesion trays.

The latter are created from the molds that are made from the patient’s mouth and serve to place in it the brackets that will later be transferred to the teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of the internal dental appliance

The Incognito orthodontics of the 3M brand presents numerous benefits both if we compare it with any other type of bracket and with Invisalign.

Among all of them, the benefits that make the difference of this system are the following:


1. 100% invisible

It is the only orthodontic device that others can not appreciate since the brackets go inside.

2. Predictable

Since the manufacturer is done through computer-configured registers and the brackets are made to measure the teeth, the adhesion area is maximized, a lot of precision is achieved and the treatment times planned by the orthodontist are met.

3. Resistant

The gold alloy with which these aesthetic brackets are manufactured allows obtaining a lot of resistance with a minimum thickness.

4. Comfortable

Being so thin, small and made to measure, lingual brackets hardly cause discomfort in the tongue or speaking.

5. Effective

Incognito achieves the same results as traditional orthodontic appliances but in a much more aesthetic way.


1. Price

Currently, invisible Incognito braces are the most expensive orthodontic treatment that exists. Therefore, patients who prioritize the aesthetics on the cost of the device resort to it.

How are the lingual braces placed?

Although there are different bracket placement techniques, whatever their type, in our dental clinic we perform this process by indirect bonding.

This technique consists of placing the brackets outside the mouth, using a splint the adhesion tray and then transferring these brackets to the teeth.

On the other hand, the other positioning technique called direct cementation involves placing the brackets one by one on the patient’s teeth, which forces the patient to keep their mouths open throughout the process and lengthens the procedure considerably.

Once the differences between both alternatives are established, we will focus on the technique that we carry out in our dental clinic: indirect cementation.

This technique makes lingual braces in Dubai very comfortable to place for the patient and also facilitates accuracy.

And, the placement process is essential, because if it is done badly and the bracket is not located in the exact place where it should be placed, the tooth will not make the desired movements.

To proceed with the placement of the lingual brackets, we carry out the following steps:

1. 3D scanning

When we scan the patient we obtain all the measurements of his mouth and the exact anatomy of his tooth.

2. Sending records

Since we have a 3D scanner, we send the digital image of the patient’s mouth to the Incognito factory (located in Germany), which greatly shortens the time.

If we did not have a 3D scanner, it would be necessary to physically send the records to that country.

3. Design of the brackets

The lingual orthodontic design is made in Germany and, from there, the brackets are sent in an adhesion cell.

4. Preparation of the tooth

Once we have the lingual device and the patient comes to consultation for placement, we proceed to prepare the teeth.

Said preparation will serve to fix the adhesive product to the tooth and the bracket, which will cause them to be held.

5. Fixation of the brackets

Once the adhesive is fixed, the adhesion tray is placed in which the invisible brackets are already present and we keep it for a few minutes in the mouth, pressing on the patient’s teeth. So we transfer the brackets to the tooth.

6. Arch placement

When the lingual brackets are already in place, the arch is placed. Normally, the placement is made in two sessions. First, the brackets are placed on the bottom part and the top ones are placed a week later.

I hope that this article has served to clarify all the doubts you had about lingual braces in Dubai.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, we will be happy to solve it, either at our dental clinic or by making an inquiry through this same page.

Lingual Braces In Dubai

Lingual braces in Dubai: Have you been considering different orthodontic treatment options to help get the smile of your dreams? You may have heard about lingual braces and how they could be the perfect solution for you.

Lingual braces are also known as “inside” braces which differ from traditional braces that are worn on the outside of teeth. They are a teeth straightening procedure that has been very popular with adults due to the fact that they are practically invisible when you smile. Another advantage of lingual braces is that if you play an instrument or a sport, lingual braces are easier to adapt to than traditional braces.

Lingual Braces Before And After

lingual braces in Dubai
lingual braces in Dubai

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