tooth-brush-electricDo you remember those old days when you have been a child and you have been taught how to use your first toothbrush?

Of course you don’t. Nobody remembers such a things but what is pretty sure that most of us stick with manual brush till now. It is like our heritage from the childhood.

You do brush your teeth doing some movements with the brush, doing the best that you can and then when it comes to your dental check-up appointment you hear from your dentist or hygienist that there is a lot of teeth missed during brushing. Next comes the question: “What kind of toothbrush do you use: manual or electrical? “ Then you start to wonder:

– Is there a difference between them?

– Should I stick with manual toothbrush or switch for electric one?

– Will my teeth become sparkly and super clean with mechanical toothbrush?

I hope I can help you to solve your doubts…

…and here you can be surprised …more important than brush is the brushing technique!

You can have the most advanced power brush, latest technology, with all super gadgets but without correct way of using it you will not be able to achieve good oral hygiene. You will be missing a lot of teeth surfaces near the gums and in between the teeth leaving soft plaque. You have to remember that this plaque mostly consists of harmful bacteria.

It will turn into hard tartar in less than one week and with the time will start to cause bad breath, cavities and gum bleeding.

Not proper brushing technique can lead to gum recession and enamel erosion. It means that you can feel big sensitivity while eating ice-creams or drinking cold juice.

So if you use manual toothbrush and your hygienist is happy with your brushing result than stick with it. Big bravo for you and just maintain your great job.

…but if there is some room for improvement than you can switch for the electric brush. For many of us it is easier to use in order to have great result at the end. This brush has three advantages:

  1. It has small head, so every tooth can be brushed individually.
  2. It has oscillation and pulsation movements so you don’t need to move with it like with the manual. Just allow the brush remove the plaque by holding it for four seconds on each surfaces.
  3. It removes more plaque compering with the manual as the frequency of the movements is higher.

If the brushing is done properly you will have smooth, shiny teeth and that gorgeous smile nobody can resist.

That is why would like to encourage you to visit your hygienist and ask her for gum and teeth assessment. She will help you to choose proper brush and will demonstrate the brushing technique the best for you.

Smile be with you 🙂