Invisalign in Dubai

We are offering Invisalign in Dubai, have you been considering teeth straightening treatment for some time now? Are you tired of hiding your crooked teeth when you smile?  Or perhaps you have a bite that just doesn’t quite line-up. Invisalign clear brace system of aligner trays may be the simple solution that is easy to wear and not even noticeable.

Invisalign In Dubai
Invisalign in Dubai

What is removable orthodontics?

We talk about removable orthodontic treatment when these are carried out with appliances that the patient can remove from the mouth both when eating and brushing teeth.

Although they are popular in both adults and children, they differ depending on the orthodontic treatment and the corrections that must be made.

For this reason, we must make a first distinction between the treatments of interceptive orthodontics, aimed at children of growing age, and those of invisible corrective orthodontics based on transparent splints.

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Removable orthodontic treatments in children

We speak of interceptive orthodontics to refer to those treatments aimed at correcting problems of maxillary and mandibular development and problems in tooth eruption.

These treatments are aimed at children of growing age, especially those aged between 7 and 11 years.

It is at these ages that you can act on the facial bones and correct certain malpositions that, at older ages, can only be performed with a combined treatment of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery at the hospital level.

Interceptive orthodontics allows to improve facial aesthetics and guide the correct growth of the maxillary bones.

An adequate size and position of these bones prevent problems of bite, muscle and cervical pain or overloading of the temporomandibular joint. In addition, it reduces the anomalous wear of the teeth and reduces the impact of dental trauma.

Finally, the interceptive orthodontics allows guiding the eruption of the teeth in the arches in the correct position. Well-aligned teeth not only give us a healthier appearance, but also enable better hygiene and, therefore, the incidence of periodontal diseases or caries is reduced.

Removable orthodontics for adults

Over the last few years, the field of orthodontics has advanced considerably.

More and more adults are deciding to start a treatment and, therefore, the aesthetic demand has been increasing.

Fruit of the desire of these people to start a procedure that does not affect their daily lives, new treatments have emerged that represent an advance with respect to traditional metal brackets: sapphire brackets, lingual brackets or invisible orthodontics based on transparent aligners.

Of these methods considered aesthetic, only the last is a removable orthodontic method.

What is invisible orthodontics?

By definition, it is called invisible orthodontics or Invisalign in Dubai to one in which they use a type of appliances that are not easily seen from the outside, making the treatment more aesthetic than the hoops and aluminum brackets or other materials that cover the interior of the teeth and that are clearly visible when you smile or talk.

Another advantage is that this type of orthodontics is in some cases removable and can be removed when required by certain social activities, to eat and to carry out oral hygiene.

There are two types of invisible orthodontics:

Lingual Orthodontics

Also known as incognito, although it is similar to conventional orthodontics, except for the fact that the brackets are less thick and are placed on the back of the teet so that they can not be seen from the outside. Although it can be done with standardized materials, the most common is that the devices and brackets are designed to fit each patient through a 3D computer program.


The latest orthodontic technique that has reached the market and has meant an important change in the planning and development of this type of treatment. It consists of custom manufacturing with plastic materials of a transparent splint inside which a series of accessories are placed to control the movement of the teeth towards the desired position.

It is changed every two weeks (it can be done by the patient) according to the indications of a 3D computer program that allows determining the evolution of the correction at every moment. Another added benefit is that it can be removed and put as required by each person’s circumstances.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the most aesthetic treatments that exist.

It consists of several sets of splints made as the patient must carry in the mouth for at least 22 hours a day.

Each game is aimed at a specific micromotion and must be replaced by the next pair once 15 days have elapsed.

Invisalign in Dubai is indicated to correct practically any type of dental malposition, although it is true that in cases of very severe malocclusion it is less rapid than other fixed orthodontic methods.

Why do adults choose Invisalign in Dubai as an orthodontic method?

The main reason to choose Invisalign in Dubai as an orthodontic procedure is merely aesthetic: it is a very aesthetic method that, even at short distances, is practically imperceptible.

In addition, being a removable appliance, it is not necessary to wear it at the time of eating or brushing teeth. This supposes numerous advantages:

  • It is the most hygienic treatment of all because it allows the person to remove the splints to eat. Therefore, it is usually chosen by people who must take special care with the hygiene of their mouth, for example, those affected by periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.
  • Fixed orthodontic appliances require us to take certain precautions with our diet: practices such as eating apples or bite-sized snacks, the intake of very hard candy or chewing gum should be banished. However, these guidelines are not necessary with Invisalign. The patient must remove the aligners from their mouths at mealtime, so they can eat whatever they want during the treatment.
  • In addition, we can take it away in case of having to attend an important social event and it helps us protect our teeth when playing risky sports. Therefore, we do not suffer the risk derived from practicing sports with orthodontics and, in a substantial way, emergency visits to the dentist due to a broken arch or bracket are minimized.

Invisalign in Dubai is the only method that allows you to see, both the patient and the orthodontist, the final result that the smile will have without having started the treatment thanks to a 3D visualization program.

Invisalign In Dubai

We are offering Invisalign in Dubai, have you been considering teeth straightening treatment for some time now?  Are you tired of hiding your crooked teeth when you smile?  Or perhaps you have a bite that just doesn’t quite line-up. Invisalign clear brace system of aligner trays may be the simple solution that is easy to wear and not even noticeable.

Pros and Cons of Invisalign® you ask?

Well, let’s see, what is inconvenient about the Invisalign in Dubai system for women, it is quite difficult to wear lipstick, as it may get a little messy with the aligner, also keeping a nice manicure is tricky due to the fact that you use your nails to remove the aligner from your teeth.  You take it out to eat, but you must make sure not to lose it, which is why we don’t recommend that children use this system. Can you imagine how many would end up in the school lunch trash?  You will need to brush your teeth many more times during the day to keep food particles from getting between the clear aligner and your teeth and if you drink tea or coffee as the trays tend to stain quite easily.

However, the pros far outweigh the cons with this product! For most adults, clear aligners are easier than metal braces because they are:

  • Invisible!
  • Removable, so you can brush and floss your teeth and eat without food getting caught in appliances
  • Contain no metal wires to rub against your gum and cheek
  • Not going to leave any marks from brackets

Just see for yourself!  These patients show off their new smile –  Invisalign In Dubai before and after

Invisalign in Dubai
Invisalign In Dubai

Where can I find a professional orthodontist with excellent advice on Invisalign In Dubai near me?

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