mercury is so toxic for the human body

Biological dentistry is looking at the body as a whole, and treating the mouth as the gateway to a person’s overall health. For many years dentistry was regarded as a completely separate field in medicine, there wasn’t much attention paid to the materials that were used over the years. Just think about it for a second: how is it that at some point was decided that it is ok to use the second, must poisonous metal, in the patient’s mouth?

How is it that nobody considered that it will affect the entire body’s immune system?

We are talking about mercury, of course.

dental fillings and mercuryIt is well known that mercury is one of the main metals in the alloy used for dental fillings. You can read more about the toxicity of mercury and amalgam fillings here

There are many unanswered questions about why dentistry took such a radical turn, but maybe the picture below can shed some light. This is a picture from the beginning of the 20th century, it is an analogy between anatomy and machinery. The human body was regarded as a collection of separate parts, rather than a well intercalated system. The title on the picture says it all: Man as an industrial palace.

There was very little emphasis put into the connection between different systems, much less between the head and the rest of the body. The month was mainly treated as a separate entity. With the great achievements in the industrial era, our biology was often mis-interpreted and mis-understood, this is one of the potential explanations as in why mercury was allowed to be used in dentistry in the first place.

merecury in your body, teeth fillingMercury fillings are also inexpensive easy to process and last for a very long time, it is understandable why they were so attractive for a long time for dentists and patients alike.

In the present day, thanks to the advancements of modern medicine, it is very clear that mercury poisoning, regardless of its source, is a very dangerous situation for the body’s immune system and can be the cause for an array of auto-immune conditions and illnesses.

Just because it was believed to be safe, it doesn’t mean that the amalgam fillings are actually safe, let’s just remember the case of smoking in the fifties.

Bottom line is, mercury is a poisonous metal and does not belong in your body.