Keto diet seems to be everywhere these days. The good “fats” diet is recommended not only for loosing weight but also for many health conditions.

Ketogenic diet is a low-carbs and virtually surar -fee, high fat diet.

By cutting out the carbs, the body uses fat as an enery sourcem versus sugars, in a conventional diet. The reduction of carbs puts your body into ketosis.

A keto diet it seems to be far more effective compared to low-fat diets and has a big anti-inflamatory effect on the human body.

However, the question might appear, how good is the diet for my teeth? Are there any adverse effects that might negatively affect my teeth?

Less sugar – good news for your smile.

As keto-doet is low carb and almost no sugar, this is very good news for your teeth.

As sugar and refined carbs are the main culprits behind tooth decay, keto diet seems very favourable to the health of your smile.

Another positive benefit of the keto-diet is the reduction of dental plaque. The bacteria in your mouth are feeding off sugar and build their colonies in the mouth based on it.

Reducig sugar will logically reduce the bacteria and their build-up around your teeth.

How about the Keto-breath? Is that dangerous?

For people who follow a ketogenic diet it is quite common to develop a specific “keto-breath”. The reason for the change in the smell of the breath is the resut of ketosis.

Ketosis is a process wherein your body begins to burn fat for energy. While in ketosis, your body converts fat cells into three types of ketones, which are fat byproducts. One of these ketones, called acetone, is essentially unusable for your body’s energy stores. Therefore, your body releases it via your urine and lungs, notes Medscape. It’s acetone that gives your breath that distinctive “ketosis” smell, which, according to Medline Plus, can be compared to an overly sweet, fruity scent.

While somewhat inconvenint, the “keto-breath” does not impose any dangers to your oral cavity.

Here are some tips to help you improve it:

– Use a sugar – free chewing gum to refresh your breath.

– Drink plenty of water throught the day.

– Add fresh, organic herbs to your water or tea, such as clove, fennel, cinammon.