Fluoride free and natural toothpaste available in the UAEAs parents, we continuously look for the best available options for our children’s health.

There are more and more studies done on the importance of using natural, plant-based products for oral hygiene in general and specifically for children.

As they grow, healthy teeth and gums will give them a good start in life.

We’ve put together a list of fluoride free and natural toothpaste available in the UAE, so you don’t have to spend hours in the shops or online looking for it:

Jack n Jill toothpaste

6 flavors : banana, blackcurrant, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, neutral

Available at Organic foods & cafe

Dr Sharp toothpaste

2 flavors : wild berry flavor, fresh mint

Available at Organic foods & cafe

Urtekram toothpaste

5 flavors : original sweet fennel

Available at Organic foods & cafe

Lavera Basis Sensitive Kid’s Gel Toothpaste

2 flavors : strawberry and raspberry

Available at SuperCare pharmacy, Organic foods & cafe

Weleda children’s tooth gel

mint flavour

Available at Arabella pharmacy, organics food and cafe

Colgate fluoride free SLS free for infants

Available at Carrefour, Coop, Spinneys

We hope you find this list useful or you find another natural toothpaste in town, please drop us a line at info@drroze.com.

We won’t leave you without few Do’s and Dont’s  about the importance of the oral hygiene for children:

  • DO brush for your children until they can write comfortably – before then they don’t have the dexterity to do it properly themselves. You can allow them to brush for a portion of the time, but ensure that you do the majority of the brushing
  • DON’T wait for permanent teeth to arrive to start taking oral health seriously. The condition of milk teeth affect how permanent teeth will develop, and oral hygiene has a significant impact on your overall health.
  • DON’T skip evening brushing – if sugar and bacteria have all night to do damage you’re much more inclined to developing cavities. If you’re only going to brush once a day, do so before bed.
  • DO encourage your child to spit out their toothpaste. Excessive ingestion of fluoride is not recommended.
  • DO set a timer for your child to help them get used to brushing for two minutes per session.
  • DO encourage your child to watch themselves in the mirror while they brush – it helps them cover all areas.