endodontics dubaiHello Dr. Pablo.  Can you give me an update on endodontics and what it is all about?

I would be happy to tell you all about Endodontics!  It is a field that I truly enjoy, and one that I actively pursued as my career as it is exciting, challenging and always being up-dated.

What is an Endodontist?

We are a field of specialists that are committed to saving teeth and helping our patients to maintain a natural smile. With additional specialist training, we perform root canals as well as diagnose and treat tooth pain.

What should I do if I have tooth pain?

There can be many causes for tooth pain, including dental decay, an injury or infection. If you have tooth pain, you need to consult your dentist to discover possible causes and treatment options. If you have on-going pain or discomfort, you can contact an endodontist or you may be referred by your dentist.

Are root canals really as scary as people think they are?

No!  Not at all!  There are many terrible stories about root canals, but in reality, the treatment nowadays is very similar to having a routine filling.  A root canal does not actually cause pain – it relieves it.  And it can usually be completed in 1 or 2 appointments depending on the tooth.  

What is the root canal procedure involve?

Well, sometimes it is necessary to remove pulp, which is the soft material inside the tooth, when it becomes inflamed or infected.  The pulp is the soft tissue in the centre of the tooth which helps the tooth grow by connecting to blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.  The tooth will continue to be nourished by the tissues, when fully developed, even without the pulp.

The root canal procedure involves removing this pulp and carefully cleaning and disinfected the inside of the tooth.  Then the tooth is filled and sealed or sometimes crowned for protection. The tooth functions naturally just like any other tooth after the treatment.

Why is it important to save natural teeth whenever possible?

There is no product or substitute for natural teeth.  When they can be saved, it is always the best option. Endodontic treatment has a very high success rate and many people find their teeth that have been treated with a root canal will last a life-time

Thank you very much for speaking with me today Dr. Pablo.  

And thank you for coming by to discuss endodontics.  I can never stress enough tooth pain is not something that people need to endure. We are always on hand to help patients in need.