Root Canal

A root canal is necessary when there is pain related to the pulp of the tooth becoming infected and necrotic (dying). This situation can be caused by deep decay, several dental procedures that have been performed on the tooth, or a very deep crack or chip in the tooth that exposes the pulp.

At Dr. Roze & Associates dental clinic, we use the latest endodontic technologies to perform a root canal treatment – a specially designed microscope gives our specialists a very high level of visibility and laser technology allows for a bacteria-free treatment that is quickly and easily performed.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should see your specialist right away, as a root canal treatment may be the solution to your problem and leaving it may lead to a serious condition such as abscessing and severe infection:

  • pain
  • sensitivity to heat or cold
  • tenderness on chewing
  • discolouration of the tooth
  • swelling around the tooth

Why is a root canal treatment done?

If the pulp of your tooth is infected, it is imperative that it is removed in order to stop the infection from spreading, causing serious problems and abscessing. The procedure also eliminates the pain that you have been suffering.

The aim of a root canal treatment is to:

  • remove the infected pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals to get rid of bacteria
  • fill these areas completely with a solid filling material in order to prevent any problems
  • end the inflammation, heal and save the tooth

How is the root canal treatment done?

The root canal procedure at Dr. Roze & Associates dental clinic in Dubai involves removing the infected pulp, disinfection of the root canals then a full filling.

In some cases, we may need to place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to protect it and return it to its full function.

The root canal treatment is a step-by-step process that is completed with specifically designed equipment and state-of-the-art technologies. In the past it has always been a procedure that many patients would be apprehensive about, but at Dr. Roze & Associates, you will find it no more different than having a regular filling. Some of the latest technologies that make this procedure much easier and more efficient include:

Laser Therapy:

Traditionally, the disinfection of the root canal and tooth was carried out using a combination of mechanical instrumentation and disinfection solutions. However, we can now create a completely bacteria-free root canal system using the latest in laser technology. Due to the high energy content and specific characteristics of the laser light, cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system is easy and extremely efficient.

Read more about laser dentistry here.

Endodontic Microscope:

With the high magnification of this specifically-designed microscope, we can perform the root canal treatment very accurately. The microscope can benefit us in many ways:

  • Magnifies the area to a high degree so every detail of the root canal system can be revealed.
  • Increases precision to identify the smallest of cracks and fractures
  • Allows us to show the patient the area and discuss the procedure together
  • Allows us to make an exact diagnosis that may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye
  • Allows us to perform a more conservative treatment thus saving a larger portion of the tooth
  • Ensures high quality treatment
  • Gives increased comfort to the patient
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