Are you ready to explore your orthodontic options with a 3D-scanning technology?

Forget about the messy alginate impressions!

The iTero is an intraoral scanner that uses 3D technology to take digital impressions of your teeth. It is the key to orthodontic efficacy and patient satisfaction. The precision, scanning speed (only 5 minutes) and resolution of the image are just some of the features that make it unique, meeting the needs of an advanced dental clinic. It is definitely the number one digital choice for a modern and experienced orthodontist.

For Invisalign, iTero allows to get the most accurate impressions of the teeth and have the best fitting aligners possible.

Benefits for the patient:

  • High resolution scanning  with real-time visualization
  • Preview of the final result before orthodontic treatment starts using its treatment simulation tool
  • Elimination of clinical errors
  • Accuracy of digital impressions and orthodontic treatment
  • Reliable results
  • Patient comfort
  • Fast and easy scanning
  • Shortening of appointment duration
  • Facilitates orthodontic evaluation and treatment planning