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Wala Shehada

Dental Hygienist

Wala received her Dental Hygiene Diploma from the Ontario Dental Education Institute in Canada, after completing a Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie University. After four years working in her field in Canada, Wala moved to Dubai and joined the Dr. Roze & Associates Dental Clinic team, becoming a vital member of the family.

“Dental Hygiene has given me the opportunity to have an impact on the healthcare field. I thoroughly enjoy assisting and motivating patients to achieve and maintain excellent oral health. I chose to join Dr. Roze & Associates because they always look to provide the best possible care to all patients.

Besides my love of healthcare, I have always had a passion for art – all different types of it. When I travel, I spend a lot of my time in art galleries and museums. My all-time favourites would have to be the Louvre in France, the Acropolis Museum in Greece and the Prado Museum in Spain.

I live in Dubai with my husband and our 3 children. I enjoy swimming and spending time with my family. I feel very fortunate to be in Dubai with my family as well as my parents and siblings, who also live here.”