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Dr. Fabien Depardieu

Specialist Orthodontist

Fabien comes from France, where he attended medical school at the University of Tours. Following the attainment of his degree, Fabien then studied dental surgery at the University of Montpellier, later specialising in clinical studies in Orthodontics at the University of Paris and becoming an experienced and well-rounded Specialist Orthodontist.

“As a child, assembling and dissembling things became second nature to me. I was excited about the field of dentistry, especially orthodontics, when I realised how precise and intricate the job could be.

Myself, I have only been in the orthodontic chair twice. I had 2 sets of treatments fifteen years apart and it amazed me how in this time the progress had advanced so dramatically. These constant improvements and enhancements are what make my profession all the more rewarding for me. I enjoy watching my patients walk out brace-free and smiling confidently at the end of the treatment.

I live in Dubai with my wife and daughter. I enjoy yoga, running and cooking. My wife likes to call me the “walking GPS” as I have a crazy yet innate sense of direction. It has proved incredibly useful in an ever-changing city like Dubai.”