Dental Hygienist

Kate attended The Accredited School of Dental Hygiene in Warsaw, Poland graduating as a qualified Hygienist in 1995 – enabling her to become a vital member of the Dr. Roze team. Kate is also a recent graduate from the Cosmetology School in Warsaw, which saw her become practiced and experienced in one of her other dentistry passions.

“Since coming to Dubai in 2004, I have been building my experience in the field of teeth whitening – working tirelessly with the top whitening systems. I love being able to obtain incredible results for my patients, delivering beaming smiles and seeing how happy they are with their new aesthetic.

I have been with Dr. Roze & Associates since 2013, and I chose to work here due to its eclectic, international team of specialists. Here, I can improve my own skills and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations for top-quality patient care.

Personally, I am always an optimistic and positive person. Together, my husband, son and I lead quite a healthy lifestyle in Dubai; we love going to the beach as well as supporting our favourite football team. I run and go to the gym when I can and I really enjoy reading about history.”