Dr. David

Founder & Oral Surgeon

The founder of Dr. Roze & Associates Dental Clinic, David’s career started at the Rennes University of Dentistry. After building a knowledge and understanding of his craft, dentistry then took him to Lille for an internship in surgery. Later, David’s passion saw him relocated to Paris, where he qualified as a Specialist in Implantology and Oral Surgery at Paris VI University.

“When I was about 5, I started learning the violin at the French Conservatorie of Music. It seemed very demanding at first, but the discipline and hard work have allowed me to accomplish many things in my life.  I have always been fascinated by the workings of a symphony – the harmony of all of the musicians together.

This sychronisation is what I want to achieve with the dental practice – a team of respected professionals working together in perfect synergy to create the best experience for our patients.

I live in Dubai with my 3 children and my wife, Agnes – who is a paediatric dentist at our clinic. I am a great lover of polo – and my passion for horses has been passed on to my 2 daughters, whilst my son is a keen football and basketball player.”