Dental Inlays In Dubai

Dental inlays in Dubai, you might often hear your dentist or hygienist referring to inlays, and maybe even suggesting that you think about this procedures, but do you really know what they are? Well, you aren’t the only one!  And most people would certainly not be able to tell you about dental Inlays in Dubai.

Due to the aesthetic characteristics and properties, dental incrustations made of porcelain are the treatment of choice for endodontics. Generally, dental encrustations are restorations that are used to repair posterior teeth that have mild to moderate decay.

Thanks to biocompatibility, optical properties, color stability and good mechanical strength, porcelain dental inlays are an advance in conservative aesthetic dentistry replaced dental crowns when the tooth has enough remaining tooth structure.

Dental Inlays In Dubai: A unique intermediate solution

The dental porcelain inlays are only composed of glass ceramic. Dental incrustations are cemented with adhesives, and for this reason, there are some factors that are considered as limitations for the indication of this technique.

Inlays are dental restorations that are used to re-build a tooth that has lost structure due to decay or trauma or to replace old fillings.  Typically, they are made of porcelain, composite or gold. These restorations are similar to dental fillings but rather than being directly placed into your tooth, they are fabricated specifically and cemented into place. Inlays fit into the tooth, whereas an Onlays will sit on top of the remaining tooth structure.

Indications dental incrustations

  • Regions where dental aesthetics is necessary
  • Patients with low dental caries index.
  • Patients with good oral hygiene.
  • Wide cavities.
  • Supragingival margins.
  • Endodontics teeth.
  • Restorations pillars of dental prostheses.

Limitations dental inlays

  • Patients with a high rate of dental caries.
  • Conservative cavities
  • Cavities without cervical enamel.
  • Young teeth
  • Teeth with a short crown.
  • Parafunctional habits like bruxism.
  • Patients with occlusal interferences.

When we make porcelain incrustations, we must realize wide cavities, especially when we work on posterior teeth. We list below the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment:

Advantages porcelain inlays

  1. Excellent dental aesthetics.
  2. Better marginal adaptation.
  3. Better contour control and proximal contact.
  4. Better polish
  5. Less microinfiltration.
  6. Less postoperative sensitivity.
  7. Protection of the remaining structure.
  8. Anatomical and functional reconstruction

Disadvantages porcelain incrustation

  • Greater preparation of the teeth.
  • It is a more sensitive technique.
  • Treatment time in a longer dental clinic.
  • Higher cost

When the patient goes to the Dr.Roze dental clinic to perform a treatment with porcelain incrustations, we must take into account some basic principles for the preparations of the indirect reconstructions.

  • Preservation of the tooth structure. The reconstruction, in addition to replacing the lost dental structures, must preserve what remains of them.
  • Retention and resistance. The reconstruction must remain in the tooth without moving to be able to exercise its function. For this reason, we must make a geometric design of the cavity and use a good adhesive cementation system.
  • Structural stability The ceramic incrustation must have a suitable thickness to be able to resist the occlusal forces of chewing. In addition, we must design the ceramic with contours as close to the natural tooth, to avoid periodontal and occlusal problems.
  • The integrity of the margins. The margins of the incrustation should end, whenever possible, in the tooth enamel. In this way, we will avoid the accumulation of bacterial plaque and make sure that our patient has good access to clean the area.

Before and after shots show you how dental inlays in Dubai can improve a smile

Dental Inlays In Dubai
Dental Inlays In Dubai


Dental Inlays In Dubai
Dental Inlays In Dubai

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