Ceramic Implant

What is a dental implant in general?

A dental implant is a “post” that is surgically inserted in the jawbone to act as a root for an artificial tooth when a natural tooth is missing. A ceramic tooth is inserted onto this post that looks and feels just like your own teeth.

Although, traditionally, implants have been made of titanium, we at DR. ROZE BIOHEALTH CLINICS have been adopting a metal-free policy, keeping in line with the standards and philosophy of biological (or holistic) dentistry, which is why we use ceramic or zirconia dental implants for our patients.

Why would I need a dental implant?

When a tooth is lost, it can lead to a life-long of complications and health issues. The underlying bone will begin to disintegrate leading to a sunken appearance of the face, thus creating problems with biting, chewing and speaking. Healthy teeth surrounding the missing one may also be susceptible to cavities and become misaligned. Dental implants can protect your teeth, bite and jaw and stop bone loss.

What are ceramic dental implants?

For the past 60 years, the science of replacing a missing tooth with an implant has been evolving steadily. The material, titanium which is a metal, is often still used in many practices. However, the newest and latest technology on the market is by far the most advantageous – ceramic or zirconia. These advanced dental implants are 1-piece or 2-piece and contain no metal whatsoever, so people with metal allergies or sensitivities are not affected. And they are more natural-looking and very compatible with bone material. The jawbone can grow around the implant making it firm and stable.

Ceramic, or zirconia, dental implants were approved by FDA in 2007 and have over 50 published clinical studies. They have been booming in popularity in Europe and quickly gaining popularity in the US. It is the product of choice by the biological, or holistic, cutting edge and leading progressive dentists concerned with using the highest quality materials for patient restorations and implantation.

What is zirconia?

Zirconium is actually a metal. To create the sophisticated metal-free implant, only the ceramic element of zirconium, known as zirconia oxide is used – and this is metal-free. We find this material incorporates well into the bone and there is less of a chance of rejection by the body.

Zirconia itself being non-metal, won’t have corrosion and wear, high strength, exceptional hardness, high fracture resistance, high radiopacity (the inability of electromagnetic radiation to pass through a material) and low thermal conductivity. Because of its high biocompatibility, it is used in medicine and dentistry.

Biological solutions for missing teeth.

Ceramic dental implants are an ideal option for patients who practice a holistic life-style. These non-metal implants do not prevent the movement of energy throughout the body. Because of the biologically compatible material, we often find that ceramic implants prevent the release of toxins and bacteria into the body helping to prevent inflammation around the implant. They are becoming more common as a missing tooth solution as their strength and aesthetic benefits become more recognised. We find they help build a stable oral foundation for optimal function, overall health and a beautiful smile.

For more information, you can read the following study: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/321931251_The_Holistic_Approach_to_Implant_Therapy

What about titanium versus ceramic implants?

It is understandable that you may be concerned about making the right choice for your dental well-being. We believed that titanium implant affects the whole body and produce corrosion, allergy, heavy metal intoxication, chronic inflammation, antenna effect with cellphone and galvanic current.

There is a large amount of data that you can investigate. It is also imperative that you choose a dentist who is experienced and is specifically qualified in ceramic dental implants and has taken the biological dental approach whole-heartedly and seriously. The ceramic technique is different and the result depends to a large extent on the skill of the dentist.

At DR. ROZE BIOHEALTH, we focus on top-quality progressive dentistry with a biological approach. We have found that ceramic implants have been a superior alternative to titanium dental implants with long-term durability and safety.

Why is the choice of dental implant material so important for biocompatibility?

Replacing teeth in the oral cavity is a process that occurs in one of the most inhospitable environments in the human body. These implants are subject to larger temperature and pH variations than anywhere else. This is why it is so important to make sure the material that is being attached to your mouth is not going to corrode or cause allergic reactions and that it bonds perfectly with your jawbone. The material must be biocompatible, have good mechanical properties, look good, feel natural and show high success rates.

What are the advantages of ceramic dental implants?

There are SO many reasons to chose ceramic implants! Our choice for these implants is mainly about how we look after our patients with a biological approach to dentistry, in that we focus on the whole person, not just the mouth. Ceramic dental implants are:

  • ideal for allergies and sensitivities. An increasing number of individuals suffer from metal allergies, sensitivities or other immune reactions. Placement of non-metal, ceramic implants is a new and effective solution to these challenges.
  • biologically friendly. For those choosing a holistic protocol for healthcare and prefer a non-metal option, this all ceramic/zirconia implant is an excellent choice.
  • aesthetically beautiful. Ceramic implants are more attractive in appearance since they closely match natural teeth. The beauty is in the naturalness of the material.
  • totally biocompatible. They do not trigger an immune response that can cause problems
  • integrate entirely into the jawbone creating a stable bone and bone regeneration
  • much less sensitive to changes in temperatures: than with metal implants
  • do not corrode over time like metal
  • do not conduct electrogalvanic fields which is the case of metal implants
  • show less plaque adhesion as they reduce the build-up of oral bacteria that often occurs with the slight and gradual movement of metal implants.
  • have very good gum regeneration results

Ceramic dental implants for people with metal allergies.

Ceramic implants make it possible for patients with metal allergies or compromised immune systems to replace missing teeth. These implants are hypo-allergenic and safe for those with such sensitivities.

In some cases, a sensitivity to metal may only become apparent after the placement of a titanium implant. Such problems can occur such as itchy gums, irritation of failure to graft which may lead to bone loss. With ceramic dental implants there is no risk of such compromise.

How do I know what the implant will look like?

With our special Smile Design and Digital Surgery Planning, we can make sure your new teeth are exactly the way you want them. We will take some pictures of your mouth with our special digital camera then create a scan to allow us to make a complete 3D analysis of your teeth and bone. You are part of the process when we design your new smile and can see what the results will look like before you approve the treatment.

What should I expect from my ceramic dental implants?

At DR. ROZE BIOHEALTH CLINICS, we design implants for the immediate replacement of teeth. Through thorough consultation, medical history evaluations and dental health exams, we can determine how the procedure will provide you with optimal results.

Ceramic dental implants allow us to provide you with a shorter implant process that metal implants as they are more stream-lined, have increased comfort and function sooner afterwards due to the increased biocompatibility and strength of the ceramic implant.

Our new state-of-the art innovative implant procedure uses computer-guided technology to determine the best placement of implants, and accurately insert posts within one hour. This procedure also drastically decreases the procedure recovery period, and most patients can even eat comfortably the same day.

Why DR. ROZE BIOHEALTH use ceramic for dental implants?

At DR. ROZE BIOHEALTH CLINICS, we offer our patients with missing teeth the most natural solution available in modern implant dentistry. As a leading clinic in implantology and the first biomedical dental clinic in the UAE, we help patients achieve natural, long-lasting results with 100% metal-free implants. Our swiss-made ceramic dental implants, chosen for their top-quality manufacturing, are a biocompatible, holistic treatment option for producing a natural and aesthetic smile after tooth loss and fit with our biological approach to natural dentistry and upholding your overall well-being..

Our implant specialists have undergone comprehensive hands-on training for the surgical placement and restoration of ceramic implants and continue to update with new technologies and techniques that become available to make the process even easier. We have helped pioneer the use of ceramic/zirconia, biological methods and a holistic approach to dentistry in the UAE.

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