As your teeth and jawbone support your facial features, it is important to keep them in place so your face will not transform with tooth loss.  Dental implants help retain your features.  You can also smile, laugh and eat anything you like thus improving self-image and confidence.

Computer Guided Surgery is a very precise method of placing implants which can produce highly effective results, less discomfort and shorter time in the chair.

The process involves highly sophisticated software to create a virtual model of your jaw which can be rotated, measured and even simulated surgery in order to visualise the placement of the implants and determine the optimum position with a very high degree of accuracy.

With Computer Guided Surgery, we can do implants without surgical flaps (small incisions in the gum tissue that would give us a conception of the bone’s shape and location).  These incisions are no longer necessary eliminated the need for sutures.

Depending on the individual situation, the new teeth or tooth can often be attached the same day as the implant surgery.


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