Say Cheese!


Pass the Cheese Please! The calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D in cheese build up bone and teeth. Eating dairy products especially cheese might help prevent dental cavities! Casein and whey […]

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We Love You BERRY Much


Strawberries have always been associated with love and romance and they seem to love your teeth too! They are loaded with vitamin C which helps to produce collagen, the basic […]

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Sweet Tooth – Choose Healthy


Xylitol is a dentist’s dream. It can reverse all these destructive effects of sugar on oral health. It is non-fermentable and cannot be converted to acids by oral bacteria. Xylitol […]

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Facebook DRA Talk-Show


We went live on Thursday 25th Jan and our lovely hygienist answered all the questions you put to them.  In case you missed it they have given you all the […]

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