MIssing-teethDepending on your mouth, jaw bone structure and preferences, there are a variety of ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth such as dental implants, bridges and dentures.  However, due to the superior technology, permanency, and convenience, dental implants have become the most popular and effective choice in recent years.

Dental implants secure spaces where teeth are missing and keep your natural teeth in alignment thus retaining your facial features.  Also, when you lose a tooth the underlying bone is no longer stimulated by the chewing pressure which is crucial for keeping the jawbone strong.  A dental implant re-creates this stimulation as it works like a real tooth and will help keep the bone intact.

With good oral hygiene and regular cleanings, dental implants can typically last twenty years or more.  They look and feel like natural teeth and are free of decay because they are made of titanium.

If you would like to discuss your options for missing teeth, please feel free to meet with any one of our dental implant specialists.