Watch“What makes this technology so great is that we can fabricate extremely high quality restorations with amazing aesthetic properties in a very short amount of time in our laboratory which assures quality every time, “explains Johann Grobbelaar, the clinic’s specialist-trained dental technician, who heads the dental laboratory department.

“Being on site and having the laboratory to hand means we can exactly match the colour, shape and size of any restoration to fit the needs of each individual which makes all the difference when creating natural-looking restorations,“ added Grobbelaar.

In most cases the technician at Dr. Roze & Associates can finish a single restoration within an hour after the specialist dentists have finished the preparation of a tooth. When comparing to most clinics in the UAE where restorations would need to be sent to an external laboratory for completion and patients may expect to wait 5 to 10 working days, a single visit means for great time saving.

By avoiding this waiting period, patients also escape the extra costs of having a temporary crown placed and additional visits to the dentist. At Dr. Roze & Associates, the team is acutely aware that time is precious and always aim to complete treatments in the fewest appointments possible.