Biological Dentistry
Making your body smile.

Biological dentistry’s main focus is to treat the mouth as an integrative part of the body. Each tooth is an organ with its own blood, nerve and lymphatic supply, which in turn is networked with the entire organism. As a matter of routine, the most diverse and sometimes highly toxic materials are incorporated in this sensitive area under the guise of long lasting restorations, often, with unknown and unpredictable consequences for the entire body. The mission of Biological dentistry is to minimize the use of such materials and when needed, safely remove them.

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Using Bio-Compatible materials:

The biological approach at Dr. Roze and Associates, uses the most bio-compatible dental materials for dental restorations and treatments.

At the clinic we use the CAD-CAM technique, which is recognized as one of the most precise and safe techniques for ceramic restorations, we also choose to use the most bio-compatible dental ceramic.

For minor restorations we use Bisphenol A free dental resin, that decreases the risks of Bisphenol exposure (you are probably avoiding buying any BPA containing products in your daily life).

Safe removal of amalgam fillings

At the clinic we have dedicated great effort to focusing on removing safely potentially dangerous restorations such as amalgam fillings. It is widely known that the main metal in the amalgam alloy is Mercury. You can learn more about the dangers of mercury exposure here .

To learn more about Biological dentistry, see the following FAQs:


The SMART protocol?

At Dr. Roze we use the SMART protocol to safely remove and replace the amalgam restorations in one appointment. It is essential to follow the strict protocol for safe amalgam removal to avoid any accidental mercury ingestion or inhalation.

Dr. Hubert de GrullyGeneral and Cosmetic Dentist
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Treating the mouth as an integrated part of the whole body?

We work closely with functional medicine practitioners to be able to stimulate our patients’ immune system to help healing after oral surgery and decrease the need for use of post-operative antibiotics prescription.

Carla SchweerGeneral and Cosmetic Dentist
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Treating and healing your gums?

Boosting the immune system will help greatly with healing after periodontal treatment. The periodontal tissue( soft and hard tissues surrounding the tooth) and the jaw bone are even more interconnected with the entire body. At the clinic we use Dental Laser for sterilization, bio stimulation , treatments that promote natural healing.

Dr. Laura Delgado RodriguezGeneral Dentist
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Is amalgam fillings replacement the only Biological dentistry?

Although essential, amalgam replacement and immuno- protocol are just few of the elements of Biological Dentistry. Within the next year 2019 we will be developing an array of Biological Dentistry services at the clinic.

Dr. Natalia Rabago Cervera Cosmetic & Restorative Dentist, DDS
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How can i book an appointment with a Biological dentist?

If you would like to book an appointment with a Biological specialist please click here (create a link to book directly with Dr. David or Dr. Carla).

Dr. David RozeFounder & Oral Surgeon
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What is minimally invasive dentistry?

Caries assessment, early detection, demineralization and preservation of tooth structure. We use the dental microscope to remove bacteria around amalgam fillings, and we keep as much as possible the healthy dental tissue.

Dr. Agnès RozeSpecialist Paediatric Dentist
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