We at Dr. Roze & Associates would like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of our team – Radiant Roze. She is Human, Elegant and Remarkable and is the embodiment of our Core Values. She reminds us of what we want to be as an entire team…


In this digital age, we often forget our personal connections. We aim to treat patients with thoughtfulness and empathy at all times.


With a French flair and refined taste and behaviours, we aim to personify elegance in our attitudes, overall look and communications.


Being remarkable remains at the core of all that we do – service, technology and standards that are distinctive and worth remarking about.

We believe #RadiantRoze perfectly fits in with our team as she personifies the principles and ideals that we have always aimed to express. You will notice that HER is engrained in everything we do at Dr. Roze & Associates – from your first meeting with our Valet to the beautiful smile that you bestow upon us as you walk out of our door.

We look forward to welcoming you at Dr. Roze & Associates dental clinic and introducing you to HER.


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