1. WarningPersistent PAIN when eating or drinking hot or cold foods.
  2. Food continually getting CAUGHT in teeth.
  3. BLEEDING GUMS when you brush and floss that does not stop after a few days.
  4. BAD BREATH even after brushing.
  5. Old fillings or teeth that are CRACKED, BROKEN or CHIPPED.

It is important to remember that these 5 signs are warnings of much more painful and expensive problems that may arise later and can be avoided.

Developing good oral habits will help you maintain a healthy smile.

Good oral health is not difficult to maintain if you follow a proper regime of cleaning, brushing, flossing and hygiene visits. Your dental health professional can help you to establish your good oral habits and keep your mouth free from problems.

Dental problems can be linked to major health problems.

Recent research in dental health has linked gum disease infections to increases in the risk of heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and even low birth-weight in babies.

Be aware of problems that can arise, make sure you see your dental professional regularly to avoid any problems occurring and help us to help you maintain and happy and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.