The dental Clinic of Docteur Roze and Associates based in Dubai and Paris offers a high Quality services in all kind of dental Problems .

My daughter has been treated at Doctor Roze Clinic Dubai for the past 3 years before surgery which happened last May 2019 in Paris at the Clinic Hartmann. After a long préparation in close teamwork between Dr Roze, Dr Depardieu and Dr Benoit Maxillo Facial Surgeon, my daughter of 18 years old went for a long délicate Maxillo Facial Surgery Type LEFORT 1, bimaxillary osteotomy and genioplasty. This procedure is one of the most délicate Surgery and without a full trust and confidence between the patient and the Surgeon this would be impossible to be done with full success.

The recovery time was exceptional and no complications after almost 9 hours of procedure. After less than two months my daughter lives absolutely normally with little orthodontic balance and KINE, she is very satisfied and happy about herself functionally and aesthetically speaking.
We are so grateful to the team in Dubai and especially Doctor Benoit Philippe who is a master in his field, not any surgeon would take that responability and obtain such results.

I can only recommend and thanks the Clinic of Doctor Roze for taking good Care of my daughter.

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