Tips for a successful Invisalign treatment

  • Wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day
  • Take your aligners off only to eat and brush
  • Maintain very good oral hygiene (brush/floss your teeth)
  • Clean your aligners
  • Discuss rough edges with your orthodontist (you can also use a nail buffer to smoothen the areas that are bothering you)
  • Practice speaking with the aligners; the more you speak, the faster you will get used to them and lisp will disappear
  • Inform your orthodontist in advance regarding any broken attachment or button
  • Be very compliant with elastics wear (rubber bands) during your invisalign treatment if they are needed
  • Always keep your aligners in the invisalign box (blue colored box) that your orthodontist gave you when they are not in your mouth (do not wrap them in a napkin as you can throw them away without noticing)
  • In case you lose/break your aligners start wearing the next pair. If you do not have the next pair at home, you should wear the previous pair of aligners (always kept in the red invisalign box) until you see your orthodontist
  • Change your aligners according to your orthodontist’s instructions and monitor their fitting (there should be no gaps between the aligners and the teeth)
  • Use chewies for 5-10min per day to ensure excellent fitting of the aligners and proper teeth movement
  • Keep your scheduled appointments with your orthodontist


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