Biological Dentistry

Healing your body through your mouth

About Us

#ThinkGoodandSmile is the motto I live by and encourage my loved ones, my colleagues and my patients to embrace.

Together, with the academically oriented minds of our team, we researched the most healthy and scientific approach to heal your mouth, the “mirror to the body” as justly put by Pr Osler, the father of modern medicine.

From SMART protocols (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technic) to ceramic implants, from vitamins to meridians, we combine a healing method that can boost your immune system, enhance your smile, build confidence, and take the whole of YOU into consideration.

Having lived in Dubai since 2003, I am the founder and CEO of Dr. Roze and Associates clinics. We have introduced the first Biological Dental Clinic in the Middle East, and I believe that we are in an exciting field of offering more health and more life.

One of the things that I’m most proud of is my humanitarian work that I started in 2001 in Ecuador. Contributing and giving back is at the essence of the Hyppocratic oath and the human experience.

I am very grateful that with the FairCare Initiative – Dubai – my talented team and I have the opportunity to treat underprivileged patients in different countries.

Using a biological approach to dental care, the clinic will assist patients with their oral and overall general health and well-being through education, awareness and preventative methods as well as the implementation of healthy behaviours.

Dr Roze & Associates will offer biocompatibility tests to ensure dental treatment does not have an adverse reaction on a patient’s general health or well-being


For our patients to feel safe, relaxed and happy during their healthy journey, our amazing team works everything around our 3 values: Human, Elegant and Remarkable. HER is represented by a beautiful Parisian girl.





Being transparent with you is our goal. Our reviews speak by themselves

Being transparent with you is our goal, our reviews speak by themselves

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See our Google reviews
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