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We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dental referral services here in Dubai with an international team of specialists and dentists in Dubai. Constituting of a team of highly experienced dental professionals, we always guarantee proficient service to each individual client.

Your patients receive a tailored approach from our dentists in Dubai to suit their personal needs, guaranteeing long-term results. The trepidation of embarking on what is often a life-changing journey is eased by the warmth and understanding nature of our team. 


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Our Promise To You…

Our aim is to give every person who comes to us a smile they can show off with confidence and pride. The clinicians’ passion and skills coupled with exceptional patient support ensure we achieve that.

Professional Dentists in Dubai

Our Dubai dentists team offers a full range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry including implants, smile makeovers, oral surgery, endodontics, sedation, orthodontics, paediatric treatments, periodontics and facial aesthetics. Naturally we pride ourselves on keeping updated with the latest clinical developments and techniques. Our on site Training Academy ensures knowledge sharing and continuing professional development.

  1. No judgement will ever be made by us.
  2. We believe that we are all part of the same team and here to support you, offer advice and give assurance when you may need us.
  3. An initial consultation is conducted to understand the current situation and outcomes required. If necessary radiographs, dental photography, a CBCT 3D scan* or OPG x-ray* are taken. (Additional fees applicable).
  4. Your patient receives a copy of all treatment options and estimated costs and they are given time to understand them.
  5. We understand that there needs to be trust between us so you will be copied into communications at all stages of the process and treatment will only start with your agreement.
  6. Treatment is only completed when both your patient and you are pleased with the outcome.
  7. Your patient is always discharged back to you at the end of treatment.


Our door is always open, so why not join us for a cup of coffee or tea to talk about how we can best serve you.

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