We at Dr. Roze & Associates would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of our team – Radiant Roze. She is Human, Elegant and Remarkable and she is the embodiment of our Core Values and what we want to represent as an entire team. She reminds us to be…


Often lost in this digital age, as we aim to keep this connection with thoughtfulness and empathy in our patient care at all times.


We pursue French elegance in and what it really means to be elegant. Elegance is rarely about wealth and more about taste and behaviour. Our team personifies elegance not only by what they wear but how they communicate and make you feel.


To be remarkable 100% of the time is hard but it remains the core goal in everything we do – service that stands out above all and is worth making a remark about. We just happen to be a team of great clinicians that use the latest and most advanced technology to deliver the highest clinical standards in dentistry.

We believe #RadiantRoze has made a perfect fit into our team by personifying the principles and ideals that we have always expressed. You will notice that HER is engrained in everything we do at Dr. Roze & Associates – from your first meeting with our Valet to the beautiful smile that you bestow upon us as you walk out of our doors.

We look forward to welcoming you at Dr. Roze & Associates and introducing you to HER.


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